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The AstroWedge is a patent pending equatorial wedge made from precisely machined aluminum, brass, and stainless steel parts to resist corrosion. The standard AstroWedge has an elevation (latitude) adjustment range between 30 and 50 degrees and an azimuth adjustment range of 5 degrees. Fine adjustments can be made in even in the dark by using comfortable adjustment handles and knobs.

The “tilt plate" of the AstroWedge can be provided for the make and model of the telescope mount one wishes to use. An "adapter plate" can be provided that allows various telescopes to be used without placing unnecessary holes in the AstroWedge “tilt” plate. The color of the AstroWedge can also be customized. The standard AstroWedge comes with anodized aluminum spacer shafts and powder coated aluminum surfaces. These colors can be selected from a color chart.   Learn more...

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