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Each patent pending AstroLift is an electro-mechanical telescope lift platform. This precision lift table is designed to raise and lower a telescope with the push of a button.

While each model design has a suggested application with unique features, all have the following shared features:

  • Made from precisely machined aluminum, brass, and stainless steel parts to resist corrosion.
  • Motorized to enable the mounted telescope to be elevated and lowered to the desired height for ease of telescope operation and viewing.
  • Have several inches of precision vertical adjustment keeping the telescope polar aligned and level.
  • Can be easily moved on industrial casters or permanently mounted.
  • Can be easily leveled by using hand contoured leveling screws.
  • Can lift hundreds of pounds depending on the electric motor used.
  • Have mounting brackets for various accessories such as a laptop tray, eyepieces, etc.

While each AstroLift model can be purchased as a standard unit, Star Chaserz gives the customer the option of having input in their fabrication. The following parameters, within limits, can be customized by request of the customer:

The stroke (the difference between the maximum and minimum height of the lift) can be customized to achieve the desired minimum and maximum height of the AstroLift for ease of telescope viewing and operation.

The speed at which the telescope is raised or lowered may be customized to suit your application. The electric motor may be selected depending on the power necessary to elevate and lower the required load. Whether the motor is D/C or A/C depends on the electrical source available and the power required. In addition, a variable speed motor controller can be purchased separately.

The length of the foot extensions on the Pedestal Astrolift only, may be customized to allow for maximum stability. This is determined depending on the height and stroke of the AstroLift and the weight and “overhang” of the mounted telescope.

The lift plate of the AstroLift can be provided for the make and model of the telescope mount one wishes to use. An adapter plate can also be provided that allows various telescopes to be used without placing unnecessary holes in the Astrolift’s lift plate. For customers desiring to use their own equatorial wedge, we provide instructions on how to mount the wedge on the lift plate. As an option we now offer our own equatorial wedge, the AstroWedge. It is designed to be customized to accommodate the telescope and/or mount the customer intends to use.

The color may be can be customized to suite the preference of the customer. The standard AstroLift comes with an anodized aluminum guide shafts and powder coated aluminum surfaces.

The size and style of wheels can be customized depending primarily on the surface or surfaces (concrete, gravel, etc) one intends to use the telescope.


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